Samaritan Water Program

The water crisis in Haiti is considered the most critical in the Western Hemisphere. According to a World Health Organization/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program report, over five million Haitian residents lack access to clean or improved water services. 

Access to clean, safe drinking water in the mountainous regions of Haiti is essential to promoting community health, yet is often complicated and unobtainable. People in the Haitian countryside are generally served through piped water systems with standpipes or water points with hand pumps; however, a substantial portion of these systems are not operational, because of a lack of funds for operation and maintenance.  

Haiti is considered a severely water-stressed country. Total available water resources per capita are about 1,660 cubic meters (just under the 1,700 threshold). Less than 1% of these resources are in use. Few water treatment facilities are properly functioning for the general public in the country. Soil erosion and deforestation have also contributed to diminished water quality. In addition, Haiti’s seasonal rainfall patterns provide too much rain for some during segments of the year and too little for others during the dry season.

Your gift will ensure the annual placement of clean water sources for thousands of residents within the communities of Beloc, Camatin, and Decouze, Haiti. In addition, funds received are utilized to guarantee regular preventative maintenance on existing water sites, providing clean water access for many generations to come. 

A 2016 Medic Samaritan pilot program facilitated a well water project in the community of Beloc, Haiti. Previously underserved, most community members in Beloc relied on distant and unsanitary water sources, some requiring a daily hike of 3 miles or more along difficult terrain. Thanks to the efforts of generous stateside donors, including the logistics coordination of our in-country water liaisons, a new water source has been placed in Beloc, providing hundreds of regional residents with clean water daily. 

Alongside our partners and financial contributors, Medic Samaritan aims to provide clean water solutions through cistern or well-driven water systems annually within our service region. Similar to our shelter development projects, all aspects of our Samaritan Water program is accomplished through an all Haitian labor force, with all supplies and components purchased directly in Haiti. This ensures 100% of our funding is allocated into the local economy, yielding economic stimulation for regional companies and reliability of employment for local laborers.​