About Us

Medic Samaritan’s health concentrated programs seek to achieve long-term investment, not aid; ongoing development, not relief. Most importantly, Medic Samaritan focuses its growth on being faithful, obedient servants of Jesus Christ, sharing His truth and love throughout every aspect of our ministry.

Medic Samaritan enters into healthcare concentrated endeavors that facilitate access to shelter, education, and clean water within the rural mountainous communities of Beloc, Camatin, and Decouze, Haiti. The Medic Samaritan SEWing Sustainability model (Shelter, Empowerment, Water), focuses on empowering Haitians through projects that promote long-term, community health development and sustainability. 


Through our Samaritan Homes program, Medic Samaritan enters into partnerships that fund the construction of new homes for destitute families, utilizing a workforce comprised entirely of local Haitian laborers, and materials purchased exclusively within the local economy. Our homes projects offer homeless and impoverished residents access to safe, reliable shelter on property proven for agricultural viability, while likewise providing local Haitian laborers a source of sustainable income, dignity through employment, and pride through community engagement.


Medic Samaritan provides annual educational scholarships to students seeking collegiate level health science careers such as nursing, midwifery and paramedicine. Following the completion of their specific collegiate program, Medic Samaritan enters into term employment partnerships with graduating students, deploying each health professional into our service region as community health practitioners. This ensures sustainable income for our sponsor students while further building upon access to public healthcare in the communities in which we serve. In addition, Medic Samaritan enters into partnerships that provide logistical and educational assistance to community secondary schools through Science application, and to local churches via youth discipleship training.


Access to clean, safe drinking water in the mountainous regions of Haiti is essential to promoting community health, yet is often complicated and unobtainable. In fact, according to the World Bank, less than half of Haitians living in rural communities have access to clean drinking water. Alongside our partners and financial contributors, Medic Samaritan provides clean water solutions through cistern and well-driven water systems annually within our service region. Similar to our shelter development projects, all aspects of our Samaritan Water program is accomplished through an all Haitian labor force, with all supplies and components purchased directly in Haiti. This ensures 100% of our funding is allocated into the local economy, yielding economic stimulation for regional companies and reliability of employment for local laborers.